RDCC register

About the Register

Register of Documents of Consent Character (hereinafter Register) is united automated nationwide system of gathering, accumulation, security, recording and supplying of data concerning issuance of documents of consent character, denial of their issuance, reissuance, duplicate document issuance, revocation. (Law of Ukraine "On Consent system in economic activity area" (Ukrainian)).

Register administrator

Administrator of Register of Documents of Consent Character is State Regulatory Service of Ukraine.

Receiving information from the Register

Information from the Register of Documents of Consent Character is provided in the form of:
  • Inquiry.
Provision of data from the Register is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Consent System in Economic Activity Area" (Ukrainian) of September, 6, 2005 No. 2806-IV and by the Order of State Service of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship of April, 18, 2006 No. 39 "On Temporary Procedure of Establishing, Maintaining and Using the Register of Documents of Consent Character" (Ukrainian), registered in the Ministry of Justice of May, 16, 2006 No. 558/12432.

Information security

Automated system "Register of Documents of Consent Character" has a complex information security system, which ensures information security in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents of technical information security system in Ukraine, which is certified by the Certificate of compliance, registered in Administration of State Service of Special Communication and information Protection of Ukraine on 27.12.2012 under No. 7090.

Development and technical feasibility

The Register of Documents of Consent Character was put into operation 16.01.2008. RDCC software works in the online mode, i.e. data runs into data base directly at the moment of any action. Today cooperative work with consent cases of consent center administrators and employees of local consent authorities in charge is put into action in the Register of Documents of Consent Character in compliance with the applicable legislation. The Register has a centralized architecture, designed on the basis of database management of industrial level and applies virtualization technologies and “cloud” computing.